Yoga Classes

Online classes are now running again on Wednesdays 10am - 11:30am every week. I am also available for one to ones and Yoga Therapy.

Please contact me if interested.

Alix's Wednesday Online Yoga: 10am - 11:30am on Zoom

Classes are for Over fifties, or for those who prefer a more gentle class.  I teach Hatha Yoga, which is an umbrella term covering many types of yoga.  I teach a gentle class to accommodate people with a variety of different health issues. 

I am happy to change my lesson plan to adapt to what my students find is possible and enjoyable.  This may change from week to week.  The class is quite varied and includes breathing techniques, walking and seated meditation, relaxation, gentle stretches and flows to open the joints and loosen the body. We do postures on the floor, from seated, inversions, and standing poses and plenty of balances and twists. I always encourage people to listen to their own body and not to do anything which causes them discomfort or pain.  If a certain posture causes difficulty pull out of it gently and I will help you to see if there is some way of adapting it to suit you.

Because I am over sixty now, I am conscious that some things will feel awkward or difficult and I would always encourage people to err on the side of caution.  Over time we do all build up strength, flexibility and endurance, and if we continue to practice yoga into retirement it is one of the very best ways of keeping young healthy and happy.  My classes always finish with a Nidra – a guided relaxation which is expecially beneficial for inner calm and healing. 

I'm always happy to take on new yoga therapy clients. This is one to one in my garden, your garden or any suitable well ventilated space. Please get in touch for more info.

This is a perfect class for beginners, Alix is calming and reassuring, pushing us just enough to feel you are stretching yourself. - Fiona Murray

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